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I’m Ian Morson and I write crime stories.  I mainly write tales set in the medieval period, but I have also written stories set in Georgian England, Ancient Egypt, Jacobean America, and Victorian England.  My main characters are William Falconer, a Regent Master in Oxford, Nick Zuliani, a Venetian adventurer, and Joe Malinferno and Doll Pocket who scrape a living in the underworld of theatre and Egyptology in Georgian England.

I am a member of a group of writers who have written several medieval thrillers together.  Our latest book is “The Deadliest Sin” published by Simon and Schuster UK in July 2014.

Anyone who lives in Italy, or reads Italian, will be interested to know that Falconer is due to be published in Italian soon by Mondadori (note: the image is of the Mondadori Gialo series - not my cover!).  More news when I have it.  Keep up-to-date with all the full news I have for you on my blog.